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Its great that Bud Light has jumped on the fantasy football league band wagon and here at STARTERs we absolutely love it. Thats right when a major sponsor declares the 2012 fantasy football season the "year of the fan" we are all ears.

Why you ask? Because we have the tools to help you win this contest! That's right our fantasy football trade analyzer and Line-up analyzer can help you do that week in and week out.

The Bud Light Fantasy Football League Rules are pretty easy first you have to obtain a you must first obtain a Code (“Code”). Codes are available on specially-marked 12 oz. bottles of Bud Light beer, while supplies last. Or, to request a Code and a copy of the Official Rules without making a purchase, send a self-address stamped envelope (Vermont state residents only may omit return stamp) to: Bud Light Fantasy Football League Challenge Complimentary Code Request, P.O. Box 251328, West Bloomfield, MI 48325. You will receive twelve (12) Codes for each game piece request. Each Code is valid for one (1) player/position. Game piece request must be received by December 17, 2012. Limit one (1) request per envelope.

Next is During each Entry Period, an Entrant selects a minimum of one (1) Player and a maximum of five (5) different Players from his/her Roster to build his/her Bud Light Fantasy Football League Team (“Team”) and score points as set forth in Section 7 of the bud light fantasy football league rules. A Team may consist of only one (1) Player from each of the following five (5) positions: (1) Quarterbacks; (2) Running Back; (3) Wide Receiver/Tight End; (4) Kicker; and (5) Defense. Your can get all the details on the bud light fantasy football league here!

After you pick your rosters simply load them into our system along with the scoring system, starting lineup requirements and you are all set. Our trade analyzer is perfect for adding/dropping players from your roster and the lineup analyzer will help you select weekly starters.

The edge you will get by using our Championship Plan is our SMART alerts that will help you find Waiver Wire Wonders and give you last might Start/sit advice all the way to the Super Bowl. So if you ar serious about winning the bud light fantasy football league, let us help you all season.

Good luck!