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Tired of missing out on quality fantasy football draft sleepers & in-season free agents and waiver-wire pick-ups that could improve the value of your fantasy football roster because someone else in your league knew about them- before you?

What if you could get 2016 ”Personalized Fantasy Football Player Pick-up Alerts” pre-season and in season sent via mobile phone/e-mail on quality players, currently not on your roster that could potentially improve your team -before anyone else in your fantasy football league?

Now you can! Let our SMART Fantasy Football mobile application , previously featured on Sprint NFL Mobile and Mobile ESPN, Player Pick-up alerts, powered by our Fantasy Football Line-up Analyzer – notify you weekly of Personalized Quality Free Agents, Waiver Wire Wonders and Sleeper Pick-ups that could be available on your leagues waiver wire. Smart Free Agent Player Alerts – designed to help you improve your fantasy rosters! Register today.





Easy to use. Store your personalized Fantasy Football Roster, Scoring system and starter requirements in our Line-up Analyzer and weekly, during the season, our intelligent fantasy engine will scan your fantasy football roster – checking to see if any of our predicted Waiver Wire Wonders, Free Agents or Sleepers, for that week are on your roster. If not, you will receive a personalized –SMART Fantasy Player Pick-up Alert– notifying you to consider them - if available on your league's waiver wire/add drop - as players that could improve your fantasy football roster!

Trade Analyzer helps you determine if you should add or drop players making our SMART Player Alerts & Trade Analyzer the complete solution for improving your Fantasy Football Roster- all season long.

That's right- Our Trade Analyzer is the perfect tool for analyzing your fantasy football roster to determine if players recommended from our SMART Fantasy Football Free Agent Alerts are worth adding to your team. Read more about our Trade Analyzer now!

In a busy world, it's nice to have Fantasy Football Starters on your side – pushing you personalized fantasy football tips to help you win all season long!

Best of all – It's included in your "Championship Plan"

BUY NOW - money back guarantee.

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