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Every NFL fantasy football fan is heading into this draft season wondering what will be the best way to manage through their drafts taking place primarily in July, August and early September. One of the key factors we always promote about our value based fantasy draft software, is the fact that we make player updates 24/7 throughout the entire season. In this day and age there is too much content on the internet that is outdated in hours, thats why we always tell all our members to check back frequently as our fantasy predictions are changing all the time.

In order to optimize our football software here are some other tips and key call outs that we consider give us the edge when it comes to providing a premium draft analyzer:

1. Value Based Draft vs. Tier Rankings/cheat sheets: This has to be one of the most well read articles Russ Bliss has ever provide on fantasy draft software & strategies.

2. Tips on how to use our draft analyzer: Those of you new to fantasy football starters or just want to make sure you completely optimize our fantasy draft software in the best manner should check out these draft analyzer tips....

3. Color coded projections: We not only predict the players stats but also provide a barometer on if the player will actually achieve those fantasy predictions.

4. Manage/Track players selected: System allows you to keep track of players selected with an easy check system. Never want to think Tom Brady is available and forget he was taken with the second pick in a draft (highly unlikely example).

Every year during the months of May and June we analyze what parts of our fantasy draft software could be augmented to provide better predictions. Keeping in mind that our football algorithm not only supports our draft analyzer, but Trade, Lineup and team analyzers as well. What we seem to do more often than not is adjust the weighting on recent stats (prior year vs. previous) vs. historical.

This year is now different. Consider the amount of players that will be ranked similar including (Randy Moss, Andre Johnson and even Reggie Wayne) if he gets his butt into camp. With Moss firing his agent we consider him to have a big year. We watch these players very closely during the season and adjust predictions based on not only their performance but their surrounding cast of team members on the offensive line, at the QB and RB positions, etc.

At the running back position, yes there's AP in Minnesota and Chris Johnson in Tennessee, but don't forget about potential sleepers like Beanie Wells, or even Javid Best, rookie in Detroit. Lots to keep an eye on and thats why you can count on us this and every fantasy football season.

In closing we want to make sure that you have the best experience using our fantasy draft software so, if you have any additional questions or have not joined REGISTER can always check out our FAQ's along with our forums for lots of input and advice.