ESPN Fantasy Football Draft Analyzer vs. Fantasy Football Starters Draft Analyzer.

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Imitation is the highest form of flattery, or so we’re told, and therefore we were looking forward to testing out the ESPN Draft Analyzer and comparing it to our own product here at

When an industry heavyweight like ESPN comes out with a fantasy football tool that is so similar to your own, you can’t help but feel a little flattered. Both Draft Analyzer’s rank the players both by a value based draft board and individual positional tier rankings. Both show the total projected points to be scored by each player. Both allow you to customize the rankings based on your league’s individual scoring system.

So what separates the ESPN Draft Analyzer from our own product- VALUE. See how we compare vs. the competition. For ESPN’s, you have to be an “ESPN Insider” (which costs $39.95) to access their draft analyzer. Both systems use every player’s projected stats, but ESPN uses a general sum total of those projected stats for the year. At, we use a player’s projected stats against each opponent on their schedule every week and total it from there. This allows us to use the hard historical data performances of a player against a frequently faced opponent and also incorporates the projected fantasy football strength of schedule for each player in the upcoming year.

Since our Draft Analyzer does a player’s projection for each game, it allows you to set the ending week for your fantasy season so you can see the fantasy football rankings at each position from week 1 thru week 17, or week 16, or week 15 depending on when your league’s season ends. If your league ends on week 15, you won’t get those extra 2 weeks of stat totals from a player and depending on the opponents that player is facing those weeks there might be a difference between how players are ranked.

Our Draft Analyzer will show you whether a player will meet, exceed, or not achieve his weekly average each week of the season. Another thing that separates the two fantasy football tools is how the information is presented to you. The ESPN Fantasy Football Draft Analyzer is a product you have to download onto your computer whereas at the system is entirely web-based and always updated throughout the entire season.

For the ESPN product, you have to download their software onto every computer you use for your fantasy football information and it will only show the results for one league at a time, also, it appears you have to sign off from your ESPN account on the last computer you ran their Draft Analyzer on before it will allow you to access the complete tool with all the fantasy football player projections on a different computer.

Make no doubt about it, the ESPN Draft Analyzer is a quality product designed to help fantasy players make better draft day decisions and not rely on outdated magazine cheat sheets. But so is ours. Both products can greatly improve your chances of executing a successful fantasy football draft. But when it comes to ease of use, the ability to use the products on multiple computers, and whether it is cost efficient, we encourage you to use your own judgment.

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