Fantasy Football Draft Picks

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Being sure you are making the right decision with each of your fantasy football draft picks is part of how to dominate a fantasy draft and set yourself up for a winning season. That is where our fantasy football draft software comes in. By offering both a Value Based Draft Board, along with Tier Rankings Cheat Sheets, you can be assured of making the right decisions no matter which style of draft strategy you like to use. Don't waste hours doing the research and creating rankings at each position; let us do it for you in seconds! Since 2004, we've been helping our Championship Package members win their leagues and it starts with our Draft Analyzer making sure you are ready for your league's draft.

Here's an example of our Draft Analyzer results page from August 2013:

fantasy football draft

Here are a couple more tips so you make smart fantasy football draft Picks:

1. Balance: No longer is the "draft the best available running backs" early and often the best advice. With the way RB performances swing from year to year (usually half the RB's who finish top 10 in fantasy football rankings at the end of a season don't make the top 10 the following year). Don't be afraid to take a sure stud at QB or WR in rounds 1 or 2 instead of a RB who "may" surprise. You will find plenty of RB's like that available to you after the sure studs at WR and QB are off the board.

2. Don't waste high picks on Kickers and Defenses. Unless your league scoring system is seriously skewed to give massive bonus advantages to these two positions, there isn't a reason in the world to select one before the last 4-5 rounds of your draft. It is smarter to get quality depth at QB, RB, and WR before selecting a single kicker or defense.

3. Know your scoring system and how many players you start at each position both minimum and maximum! Be sure to pay attention to every facet including: is there a maximum amount of players you can draft at a position? What are your starting line-up possibilities? Fantasy football leagues are getting very complicated with how they operate, so pay attention and know your league in advance.

4. The late rounds is where you win championships: Thats why having solid fantasy football cheat sheets or what we really call "tier" rankings , coupled with our value based draft results - is going to greatly improve your chances of drafting the best fantasy football team. You'll find some great fantasy football sleepers in the late rounds. Look at Washington RB Alfred Morris in 2012!

5. We are constantly updating our database with the latest information that can affect a players stat projections. Each season we unveil our Fantasy Football Draft Analyzer by the end of May and the rankings then will likely be singificanty different then they will be by late August. With injuries happening all the time in training camp and preseason, the example above could be much different at any time in the future. That's why we strongly encourage you to run the draft analyzer just before your draft begins to get the best fantasy football advice so you can execute a successful draft strategy.

At least the first four (4) tips above are not bias, so enjoy your season and we hope to give you the right fantasy football draft picks, projections and recommendations so you win your fantasy football league! Stop by and check out our NFL Fantasy Football Draft Expert Russ Bliss as he has one of the hottest fantasy football blogs on the planet!

Team Fantasy Football Starters.