Fantasy Football Draft Prediction: Done in Real-Time

Fantasy football draft prediction can come from several different sources. Does your current strategy focus on specific key elements of your fantasy sports team? offers the industry’s first real-time expert analysis on which players to pick in your fantasy football draft and where. This tool is designed to improve your choices on the draft pick by comparing player performance expectations week by week. Each day our data is updated so that our clients are assured accurate, real-time hot-off-the-press information. The patent-pending free fantasy football software that we offer is personalized and based on expert predictive analysis which is based on actual data.

In order to compete with both rookies and experienced players of fantasy football; you must build a winning team from the ground up. This means from start to finish-draft, trade and line-up- you must have the resources capable to make winning decisions. Our Fantasy Football Draft Analyzer was specifically designed for fantasy football draft prediction as well as to provide immediate expert analysis designed to improve your draft picks. We also provide instructions on how to use your draft analyzer which explains league size, roster requirements as well as answers to frequently asked questions. Just by reviewing our website testimonials you can see what our clients have to say regarding their satisfaction to our program for both immediate and ongoing successful results.

Fantasy Football Draft Prediction: Perfect Your Lineup!

Have you ever used a computer-based fantasy football prediction tool? Are you tired of getting beat because of tough lineup choices? has created the “first to market” software which is a predictive analysis application designed to provide real-time, expert analysis. Perfect your lineup from quarterbacks to defense. Our fantasy football player database is updated daily to ensure that you get the best recommendations whether you’re drafting players, making a trade or choosing who will be in your starting line-up. We have been recognized as a winning software application enabling us to provide you with data personalized for your very own roster. It’s as simple as entering in your roster. When you register, you have choices of the following:

  1. 4 Quarterbacks with flex option
  2. 6 Running Backs with flex option
  3. 6 Wide Receivers with flex option
  4. 3 Tight Ends with flex option
  5. 3 Kickers with flex option
  6. 3 Defense with flex option

Fantasy football draft prediction analysis tools give you the stats on players you want to put in and players you SHOULD put in. Rest assured that you’ll be making the right decision in putting together a winning team. Don’t compromise when it comes to beating out your buddies. Perfect your fantasy football line-up with the winning combination of statistical analysis tools and industry-leading advice.



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