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Is there a right way to use it?

Updated January 9th, 2013 by Staff Writer: Jeff

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Every year, and the 2013 NFL fantasy draft season is no different, some of the early season questions we get from our members are whats the best way to optimize our fantasy football draft software. And every year I tell them that it starts with completely understanding your fantasy draft/leagues scoring system. The guys that use our site are winners or want to be winners and it all starts with loading your scoring system correctly.

In my eyes what makes our NFL Fantasy Football Draft Analyzer the best is the way we go about simulating and resimulating every NFL game. As the season goes (July/August time frame) we start to get daily updates, once the season starts (September) then its daily for sure. This is so important to keeping our predictions updated and we have our NFL Fantasy Football Analyst Russ Bliss to thank for the great work he does around this effort. All season long he's making those calls on what players value needs to be adjusted based on the level of news and circumstances around any given situation. By that we mean has a player been injured in practice, is a player not getting along with coaches that will drive down game time, lots of factors play into any manual updates we execute.

May sound crazy but these types of scenarios happen alot more during an NFL Fantasy Season than one would think. Player updates, especially now with so much information out on the internet, have to be accurate and timely. We have thousands of people using our fantasy football draft software and it needs to outperform even the big boys. To that end we even published in 2011 why it's better than the ESPN Draft Analyzer again. It's all about accuracy and being thorough each and every day.

Which is exactly what you have to do when using our 2013 fantasy football draft software. After getting your scoring system loaded, be sure to memorize/get yourself familiar with the rules around min/max players allowed by position. Especially around the Quarterback and Tight End positions. Those can really impact how our NFL fantasy player stat predictions/projections play out for any given set of draft analysis/results we provide you at any given time. Yes, that means our draft software is updated for mid season re-drafts too.

Another tip is to practice I mean get a real good feel by running some fantasy football draft simulations , sometimes confused with a simple mock draft. Those are popular and thats why we have developed probably one of the best versions of free fantasy football mock draft software on the planet! Its pretty cool in that you can compete against computerized mock draft experts if you don't have enough folks signed up to participate. Mock draft anytime- but doing so with other fans is the better way to go.

Once you have entered your scoring system and set your draft mins/max's by player position, you then run the Draft Analyzer (this should only take between 10-25 seconds). At the top of the page you will see customized fantasy football tier rankings for each position. These personalized fantasy football cheat sheets are what I consider to be the most valuable piece of analysis and another great fantasy football tip is build your draft strategy around these rankings/tiers.

Tier rankings are the way to go if you ask me. They benefit in so many different ways: 1) you can see who's worth the tier value for any particular round 2) You can see how accurate they are through our fantasy football draft software by keeping track of the other NFL picks that your league competitors are drafting.

Those are easy and fun ways to best optimize our fantasy football draft software and for any additional questions you can always POST QUESTIONS ON OUR fantasy football forums anytime as we have an outstanding membership base of guys and gals that give great advise for using our draft software and always around to help out with any fantasy football questions. Also, dont forget our Fantasy Football FAQ/Questions page which is a good source of information.