Fantasy Football Starters: Quarterbacks, Running Backs and More!

Fantasy Football Starters is your one-stop-shop for your line-up picks. We created a complex analysis application designed to provide real time mathematical advice for picking your fantasy football team(s). Updated daily, our programs ensure that you get the most up to date information whether you’re reading about your picks, drafting players, trading or deciding who will be in your fantasy starting lineup. We have been recognized as a winning software application enabling us to provide you with personalized football data.

You might be asking yourself a question similar to this: Why should I use you guys if I can read about my picks and get advice for free elsewhere? Our data is hands-down based on expert mathematical analysis. Our expert analyses on current statistics and trends reflect our top picks for any kind of player including:

  • Quarter Backs
  • Running Backs
  • Wide Receivers
  • Tight Ends
  • Kickers

It all starts with the draft and we tackle them in order! From drafting the right fantasy football starters to starting the right players and acquiring the right ones through trade, knowing is the first step in winning. That’s exactly what we do; we educate you with expert advice and current facts. With our programs we teach you to 1. Draft the right players 2. Start the right players and 3. Acquire the right players. Do it the winning way.

Fantasy Football Starters Picked by our Analysis Software

Fantasy Football Starters’ draft prediction/analyzer software helps you do just that: draft, start and acquire. With the combination of hot-off-the-press advice on this seasons crop of rookies and our mathematical analysis on past and current yardage, touchdowns and more, we deliver the winning combination. This patent-pending winning combination is proven! Visit our “testimonials” page for past winners and even visit our free advice section to put this information to work for you now. In no time you’ll be able to improve your draft picks, trades and starting line-up; all with one simple and easy-to-use program.

By incorporating our fantasy football starters’ software into your game you will be able to see the results week by week. Register now online to start your team off on the right foot. Our staff is constantly working year round to provide you with the best winning elements and up-to-date information. Our testimonial page can also provide you with feedback on the successful experience from past and current clients.


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