Fantasy Football is Fun for Family, Friends & Everyone Else

There isn't a typical fantasy football player. They come in all genders, shapes and sizes. That's one of the great things about playing fantasy football. It doesn't matter what your physical abilities are. It's a matter of making wise moves and avoiding bad picks.

Many friends keep in touch and become friends with others through fantasy football. If you're already friends with someone, playing against somebody in a league is a great way to have fun. You can talk some friendly trash, joke about each other's matchups or trade secrets and tips.

If you join a fantasy football league with someone you don't know too well, you will have an instant conversation starter. This is great if you start a new job or want to get to know the people in your office better. You might not have much in common with Marty from accounting, but ask him how his fantasy football team is doing and you'll likely get a nice conversation going. A person's latent competitiveness might also come out. Sara in IT might seem like a nice person, but there is a chance she will be screaming at the TV on Sunday, cheering for her top running back to get her some fantasy football points.

But while fantasy football is fun, it is even more fun when you win. One of the ways to get a winning edge is to use Fantasy Football Starters analysis tools, which offer a wide range of features & benefits. We have articles to provide you with fantasy football help for your draft that explain various fantasy football draft strategies. Our fantasy football software comes with our fantasy football Draft Analyzer to help you draft the right players. Once the season starts our fantasy football line up analyzer shows you the optimal starting lineup based on the players on your roster on a week-to-week basis,making sure you maximize points. There's also a Team Analyzer, which will show you how your team matches up with other fantasy teams in your league, and a fantasy football Trade Analyzer and calculator which will help you decide whether or not to take a trade offer.

Why are we better than fantasy football magazines and other sites? Last season, for example, all the magazines had guys like Ben Tate and Montario Hardesty ranked fairly high. But both RB's were injured and gone for the year before the preseason was over with. Did they instantly have their replacements, Arian Foster and Peyton Hillis projected out for the season and have their fantasy football cheat sheets and rankings updated? No.

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