Finding the Right Fantasy Football Advice

Looking for fantasy football advice isn't the hard part; it's finding the right kind of fantasy football advice amid the hundreds of magazines, websites and other information, all guaranteeing the best way to manage a team.

Of course, many probably start off thinking they don't need any fantasy football advice. They're fans of the game. They know the best players and teams. They don't need any fantasy football advice from anyone telling them who to pick and who to start. But as many first-time players learn, there's more to winning at fantasy football than knowing names and numbers.

The first step is admitting they need some advice, and then they have to find the right fantasy football advice.

One of the best websites to find everything a player needs to know is Fantasy Football Like other sites, we have player rankings and updated stats, but have more than numbers. Our site has a Fantasy Football Line-Up Analyzer that gives fantasy football advice on which players from your roster should be in your starting lineup based on who those players are playing against this week. The site also features a Fantasy Football Trade Analyzer. Like the Line-Up Analyzer, this tool uses a complex algorithm to analyze the players in question. If the trade makes sense, the Analyzer will tell you. Conversely, if it's a bad trade, the Analyzer will let you know that as well, giving solid fantasy football advice on whether or not to let the trade go through. Then, there's the Fantasy Football Draft Analyzer, in which our software helps you decide which players to draft based your league settings. Finally, Fantasy Football Starters offers a Fantasy Football Team Analyzer, which takes a look at the other teams in your league and decides which is the team to beat, and which is the weakest.

When looking for fantasy football advice it's also important to keep in mind what kind of league you're in. Many magazines, websites, etc., look at players with the best numbers, but some leagues don't necessarily work that way. There are new point systems coming up all the time and other factors need to come into play.

For example, some point systems take into account turnovers. If a quarterback throws for a lot of yards and touchdowns that normally equals lots of points. But if the fantasy football league someone is participating in deducts for interceptions and fumbles, those points might be mitigated by negative-points.

A good example of this cautionary fantasy football advice is Minnesota Vikings quarterback Daunte Culpepper - who was traded to the Miami Dolphins in the summer. Culpepper is known for throwing for hundreds of yards and touchdowns. He can also run for yards and touchdowns. Conventional fantasy football advice would be to draft somebody like that very high. But wait. Culpepper, as has been reported in several stories, has very small hands for someone his size. That has led to an unusually high number of fumbles over the years. In last year's season opener against Tampa Bay, Culpepper fumbled twice, including one instance in which he fumbled when nobody touched him. He simply lost the ball as he went back to pass. Culpepper is also prone to throwing interceptions. In that same game, he threw two picks. As such, he had four turnovers. In some leagues, four turnovers would be about 20 negative fantasy points. So, if he threw for 300 yards and a touchdown, his point total would be about 5 or 6 points. Based on this game alone, the fantasy football advice you might get would be to avoid picking him in your draft. Fortunately, our fantasy football software looks at more than just one game, so you'll know your picks are good for the entire season.

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