Using a Fantasy Football Cheat Sheet

A fantasy football cheat sheet is essential for each position when you enter your fantasy draft. It's a way to help out a fantasy football owner when it comes time to making picks. The cheat sheet will tell you which players to look out for and select - which when you think about it, is the most important part of fantasy football.

Having an accurate fantasy football cheat sheet is important. Many magazines and other research materials are months outdated by the time of your draft. That's why the espn fantasy football cheat sheets we provide (and since our software products are customizable they work for practicially all league manager scoring systems) are so successful. Our fantasy football draft analyzer is updated every day, taking into account injuries, player movement, coaching changes, and more. You simply print them out right before you go to your draft and you are ready!

This season, for example, your fantasy football cheat sheet might include one heading for quarterbacks, with the top 10 quarterbacks to shoot for in the draft. Of course, Aaron Rodgers, Peyton Manning, Tom Brady and Drew Brees would top most cheat sheets, but what if those players are gone by the time it is a fantasy football players' turn to pick? Well, don't panic. All you have to do is reference your fantasy football cheat sheet. You look at the piece of paper and notice that No. 5 on your list is San Diego's Phillip Rivers. Bingo. No wasting time or flipping through pages of a magazine, our fantasy football cheat sheet lets you make a pick with confidence.

Fantasy Football can help you target the top players at every position, along with where the fantasy football sleepers rank so you don't have to waste time doing all that work yourself.

Aside from saving time, we ensure that you will get the right rankings for your fantasy football cheat sheets. While making your list for the top 10 running backs in the National Football League, for example, you might be able to figure out the top two or three rounds of running backs. But what happens when you get down to the seventh, eighth, ninth and 10th rounds and you still need some running backs to fill out your roster and serve as a backup during your superstar's off weeks? That's where a good web site like Fantasy Football Starters can really help fill out your fantasy football cheat sheet.

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