Preparing for a Fantasy Football Draft

Sometimes the only thing missing from a fantasy football draft is a helmet phone and a bank of phones, so much that it can really resemble that of an actual NFL draft.

No one - or, no one should - show up for a their draft without doing some homework. If this is your first time going make sure you are always well prepare. Many of your competitors/friends will probably be loaded with magazines, print outs, notepads or even laptops. Oh yeah, this fantasy football draft business is serious stuff.

Of course, there's an easier way to get all the info you need rather than scouring the newsstands for magazines, or the web for articles. You can find just about everything you need at Fantasy Football Our site has a software tool called "Draft Analyzer," which is the industry's first real-time expert analysis on which players to draft and where. The program is customizable for all leagues and is a valuable source of player projection analysis and weekly trends. Best of all its being offered as free fantasy football software this season!

Once you get prepared, bring some real good beverages and food as the next thing required is patience. In a typical 10-12-team fantasy football league the wait almost seems as long as the regular NFL draft. Count on at least 4-5 hours for the entire draft. Why? Well, everyone must pick once before it gets back to your turn. Thanks to Fantasy Football, you'll have no trouble picking your players, but others might not be as fortunate. This might lead to the inevitable joke: "(Insert friend's name) you are on the clock!"

Despite the seriousness, however, a fantasy football draft can also be a lot of fun. Even if your league involves friends and co-workers, the draft is rare opportunity to get everybody in a room at once. This sets the table for a lot of friendly trash talking and banter. Be prepared for some people to openly mock your fantasy football picks. At the same time, it makes you feel good when - in the later rounds - you select a player that makes others exclaim what a good pick it was. Or, even better, someone says, "Darn it, I was just about to take him!"

Speaking of which, it's important to always have a plan B when entering a fantasy football draft. Somebody else might take the player you wanted from your college alma mater. There should be time for a trade later in the season, or maybe even before the season, but you should always have a long list of players to take in your fantasy football draft. Nobody gets everybody they want. It just doesn't happen.

Another unique thing are the lengths people will go to in order not to miss the draft. In the old days, somebody might call long distance and take part via a speakerphone. These days, things can get more complicated, but run more smoothly as well. A missing team president can make sure somebody has a laptop during their picks. Simply have that person log into an instant messaging service, and no one should miss a beat. Have a great time and enjoy yourself.

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