Keeping up with Fantasy Football News

Between sports channels, local news, newspapers and the Internet, there's a load of information available 24 hours a day on the NFL. But what people playing fantasy football want to know about is fantasy football news.

There might a front-page story on how a player negotiated a new contract or is getting along with a new coaching. Hey, that's nice, but what's the fantasy football news value of this information? That's what people are thinking.

Fortunately, you don't have to scan the news wires and stay up late for the news to get the latest fantasy football news. Fantasy Football will give you updates on the latest happenings and announcements that might affect your team. If you're not around your computer, don't worry. can now send wireless alerts to your cell phone or pager.

For example, if a team is playing a team that struggles against the run, but is great against the pass, a coach's comment might clue people in on some important fantasy football news. If the coach indicates that he's going to try and exploit the teams' run defense, then that means it could be a good day for your running back.

There are also instances of key fantasy football news that might not sound like important fantasy football information right away. If a team's leading pass rusher goes down, that might be bad news for someone's defense, but it's good news for your quarterback. Conversely, if a starting left tackle goes down with injury, that could be bad fantasy football news for your quarterback AND running back. Also, take notice of things like coaches announcing certain players that may get more playing time. This is especially important for running backs. When Miami Dolphins coach Nick Saban announced that Ricky Williams and Ronnie Brown would share running duties, that was key fantasy football news that affected how owners draft their teams.

Of course, the biggest role for fantasy football news is to update injured players. Players that are definitely out are one thing, but a player who is day-to-day can be a fantasy football owner's biggest headache. Many times, a player's status won't be known until game day or even hours before kickoff. All the while, a fantasy football player might be holding a roster spot for that person. The worst thing that can happen is holding a roster spot for someone you think might be playing and then finding out that he didn't play. This means that you get zero points from a running back, receiver or quarterback. Those three positions are your biggest point getters and you can't afford a big, fat zero! In a close league, it's likely the difference between a win and a loss.

You need to get updated fantasy football news to make the right decisions. Many times, a player will be cleared or held back on the day of the game. If you wait until that morning, it's possible to miss that piece of fantasy football news.

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