Looking at Fantasy Football Player Rankings

When looking to stock your fantasy football team the first thing you probably want to look at is the way in wich you go about establishing your fantasy football player rankings. These numbers rank the players in the NFL based on their fantasy football value.

However, there is a difference between how good a player and his team are versus they way the are projected to perform from a fantasy points perspective. Yes, many times if you look at the top player at their position it coincides with that team having some success that season and getting ready for the playoffs.


But many times, fantasy football player rankings are based on one thing: Performance! Waht we have learned is that traditionally players tend to show consistency after the first three games of the season and the last eight games of the season. Thats why we tend to keep such important stats factored around those scenarios at Fantasy Football Starters.com.


Look at some of the top fantasy football player rankings from last year and it's not always easy to see the relation, or the non-relations between statistics and wins. Start with quarterbacks. Going on last year's numbers, Dallas Cowbosy  quarterback Tony Romeo was a a top fantasy QB but we all know that once again the Cowboy's did not even make the playoffs.


At running back, you can make the argument that top fantasy football player rankings equal success on the field. That's because the top-rated running back was Adrian Peterson and  the Vikings had a good not great run in the playoffs.


A look at the fantasy football player rankings for running backs, and it's clear that most of the top backs play for successful teams. However, there's the case of Kansas City Chiefs running back Larry Johnson. Johnson, who didn't play most of the season but still rushed for 1,750 yards, played for a team that didn't make the playoffs. That didn't affect his fantasy football player rankings, which made him a top five running back in the league.

Wide Receiver might be the position most indirectly related to a teams' success in relation to fantasy football player rankings. A look at the top 10-12 receivers based on fantasy football player rankings reveals some good players for some good teams, such as Cincinnati's Chad Johnson and Indianapolis' Marvin Harrison. Then, there are players in the top 10 like Miami's Chris Chambers. Chambers caught 82 passes for 1,118 yards and 11 touchdowns. The Dolphins did improve considerably from the year before to finish 7-9, but the team still failed to make the playoffs. The rest of the top 12 sees players like St. Louis' Torry Holt, Dallas' Terry Glenn and Arizona's Anquan Boldin. All three had 1,000-plus yard receiving seasons but their teams didn't make the playoffs.

Of course, when talking about yardage and fantasy football player rankings, that isn't the biggest factor. The biggest factors in fantasy football player rankings are touchdowns. There are running backs that rush for more than 1,000 yards with a healthy per-carry average but if he doesn't score touchdowns, he really isn't generating the maximum fantasy football points.

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