Trying to Make Sense of Fantasy Football Rankings and strategies for using them.

Each year so called expert websites flood the market with their take on which players will be the top 150 or 200 players to make the best Fantasy football rankings. The only problem with this is they fail to update them frequently only to find out they are outdated once they hit the information highway.

Thats why we started fantasy football starters in the first place is to make sure there was a way to get the best fantasy football rankings on demand. We have our staff that resimulates every NFL game weekly, as well as articles on some of the best strategies on how to optimize/leverage your football IQ to win your league.

Our NFL fantasy football analyst Russ Bliss wrote a great article over three years ago on some of the best ways to maximize our fantasy football draft analyzer software so you have the best fantasy football rankings come draft day. The article has become so popular that its been read thousands of times by way of our Facebook page, Twitter, Digg and fantasy football blogs.

When heading into your NFL fantasy draft one of my best tips is to have a set of fantasy football Tier Sheets that tier players, which I find to be the most helpful. That way if a player like Matt Forte is someone you really wanted was taken ahead of your pick, you would not be stressed out knowing that a guy like Frank Gore is rated just as high and brings the same fantasy value.

Another thing to be concerned about is getting worried that a player you had high on your fantasy football rankings starts off really slow and then all of the sudden your thinking about trading/dumping him before he gets going. Major worry especially early during the season. There is a theory to this and its called the fantasy football law of averages and its worth reading so you don't panic! Too many times we lose patience and it's important to remember the season is four quarters. Four weeks at a time and that is a good period to use when analyzing stats throughout the season.

Once you get in season we provide Championship Package Members with weekly fantasy football rankings personalized for each of their rosters. In addition to that you can also take advantage of our personalized alerts that will give you players to consider dropping or adding from your fantasy rosters. These personalized alerts coupled with weekly Power Rankings. These premium fantasy football tools and our lineup analyzer will keep you way ahead of the competition in your fantasy league.

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