Using Fantasy Football Strategy

Some might think that winning at NFL fantasy football is all about good fortune, players simply having good games on a particular Sunday. The fact is, though, that there is a good deal of fantasy football strategy that goes into winning. People just don't put the same lineups out week in and week out. In order to pile up the wins, you need to have some form of fantasy football strategy to adjust for variables during the season.

The first kind of fantasy football strategy is probably the most obvious. The NFL has been using bye weeks for several years now. What this means is that your fantasy football strategy has to adjust for weeks when players will be off. This is why it's not good fantasy football strategy to stack your team with several players from the same team. Many fans of their hometown team, for example, might stock their fantasy football roster with six or seven players from the same NFL team. What happens when that team is on their bye? The hometown fantasy football team is going to be missing a lot of starters, which could spell a loss. Loyalty is a good thing, but not the best fantasy football strategy.

The other type of fantasy football strategy to use is in trying to predict injuries. Unfortunately, injuries are part of the game. Take a look at last season. Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Donovan McNabb was probably a top-five pick in many fantasy football drafts, but he was injured early on and never put up big numbers before eventually being lost for the season. Especially at quarterback, it's a good fantasy football strategy to have a good backup - just like the real game. The same is true at running back and receiver, although chances are there are enough good players to go around at those positions.

Another part of good fantasy football strategy to keep in mind is matchups. Yes, your quarterback might be tearing up the league but if he's due to go against a top-rated defense and you're backup is going against a poor team, you might want to consider a switch. Additionally, if your running back is going up against a team with a strong run defense or he's missing a few good offensive linemen, you might want to sit him this week.

Trying to keep up with all this fantasy football strategy can be tough, that's why Fantasy Football does it all for you. We have several one-of-a-kind software programs that analyze teams, players and drafts for you, putting the fantasy football strategy in the hands of computerized experts.

The right fantasy football strategy can be key, especially in competitive, tightly contested leagues where one or two wins can make the difference between playoffs and the end of your season. Take a look at past champions' moves, chances are they benefited from some well though out fantasy football strategy. It's not just putting players out there week in and week out. This stuff takes some planning.

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