Fantasy Football-Who to Start

In fantasy football, who to start is one of the key questions you have to ask yourself before every week. It might seem like an easy thing to figure out by scanning the players' numbers from the previous week or previous year, but in fantasy football who to start is much more difficult than that.

First, before the season, trying to determine in fantasy football who to start you must take a look at the team those players are playing against. Let's say your top running back was held to 50 yards on 20 carries last week. The temptation is to sit him for the week and give someone else a chance. But what if that same player will be playing against a very week run defense? In fantasy football, who to start is based on those kinds of things.

There is help out there for fantasy football who to start questions. Many websites offer their fantasy football predictions about which players are good "plays" during the week, but Fantasy Football Starters does more than that. Our fantasy football software tools help you figure out who to draft, start and play during the season. Our Team Analyzer software even allows you to scout the other teams and figure out which is the team to beat. And in fantasy football, who to start is one of the key questions to ask every week.

In fantasy football, who to start is not just a question concerning quarterbacks, running backs and wide receivers. Remember, defenses and kickers play a big part in the game as well. Who to start on defense can make the difference between winning and losing a key game. Again, as with other positions, it's important to look at that week's fantasy football matchups before making decisions about who to start. If your defense is going up against a high-scoring team like the Indianapolis Colts or the Cincinnati Bengals, you might want to consider somebody else. Even if your No. 1 defense plays well against a high-scoring team, they might still give up 14-17 points. In most leagues, giving up those kinds of points might net you only a few fantasy football points. You are probably better off starting an average defense against a poor offense. If you have a middle-of-the-road defense that's playing against the Houston Texans, for example, you should probably give them the start, just because the Texans didn't score many points last year and they gave up a lot of sacks. Many fantasy football leagues give points per sack, so a five-sack day might give you those valuable extra points.

Additionally, in fantasy football, who to start can be a difficult call for kickers. Kickers are tough to predict because the number of points they score is not necessarily related to how a team's offense performs. If a team scores five touchdowns, for example, the kicker will probably have 5 points for connecting on the extra points. But, if in that same game, the opposing kicker kicked two 12-yard field goals, he has 6 points. The other team might have 500 yards of offense, but the kicker had a better day just because of the field goals. As such, in fantasy football, who to start at kicker should be based on how that team is doing in the red zone.

That's what our Fantasy Football Lineup Analyzer does. It looks at every player on your roster at each position, and tells you who to start based on your scoring system each week.