Playing NFL Fantasy Football

Taking part in NFL fantasy football can be a lot of fun. In fact, for somebody that is already a fan of the NFL, playing fantasy football can enhance the experience. That is because fans suddenly find themselves fans of teams and players they have never supported before, simply because a certain player is on their fantasy football team.

Somebody born in Los Angeles probably doesn't care too much about Buffalo, N.Y., but if that person has the Bills' Ryan Fitzpatrick as their fantasy quarterback, chances are they are going to pay attention to the nfl fantasy player projections for him in his game for Buffalo game that week.

Playing NFL fantasy football means you have to keep up with the league during the offseason too. The aforementioned Bills lost one of their biggest NFL fantasy football stars, in running back Marshawn Lynch, but found they had a good substitute in Fred Jackson.

That's the kind of NFL fantasy football move that might strain some loyalties. Do you draft a player that played for a team that you disliked, or do you look past that and just go ahead and draft him anyway.

Playing NFL fantasy football also means having to say goodbye to some of your favorite NFL players. Fans of the St. Louis Rams probably tried to pick running back Marshall Faulk in the first round of most fantasy football drafts in the late 1990s and early part of the decade. But injuries and the simple fact of getting older hurt Faulk. Suddenly, NFL fantasy football owners had to do what was best for their own NFL fantasy football teams and pick somebody else instead of the former San Diego State running back.

Of course those same fans have probably moved on to other stars of the current Rams. The NFL fantasy football player rankings for guys like running back Steven Jackson -- Faulk's replacement -- and fantasy football sleeper WR's Danario Alexnader and Danny Amendola.

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