Playing NFL Fantasy Football

It used to be that the only kind of fantasy game to play was NFL Fantasy Football, but not anymore. Now, there are fantasy leagues available in nearly every sport. Despite the different options, NFL fantasy football remains the most popular, and there are several reasons why.

First, let's look at the competitors for NFL fantasy football. In baseball, fantasy leagues can get very complicated. Yes, it seems easy at first. There are hitters and pitchers, with hitters getting points for hits and home runs and pitchers scoring points for strikeouts and ERA. But the problem is the number of games played. With NFL fantasy football and the concept of head-to-head games - which many consider to be the best part of fantasy leagues - is hard to duplicate. Baseball fantasy leagues have so many different parts that it's hard to keep up with.

It's the same problem with other fantasy leagues in comparison with NFL fantasy football. The NHL and NBA also have fantasy leagues, but they suffer from the same problems: too many players and too many games.

In contrast to those leagues, it seems like NFL fantasy football is the perfect fantasy sports league. First of all, the games are usually played only two days a week; there's no adding up multiple days and games. Usually, by Sunday night, you know whether or not you lost your NFL fantasy football matchup(s). In addition, the weeklong wait for the games builds excitement and tension, which means the games are more exciting to watch. If your game is coming down to the results of Monday Night Football, it's hard for any other fantasy league to match the drama of your NFL fantasy football game coming down to the last drive in the last game of the week.

The popularity of NFL fantasy football is why you can find leagues on virtually every big-name Internet site. With that in mind, Fantasy Football is compatible with all leagues, including: Yahoo!, ESPN, CBS Sportsline, AOL and more. Our software's many features will benefit your league no matter where it is running.

When it comes to NFL fantasy football, Fantasy Football is the place to go. Why? Our site improves your chances of winning with personalized roster advice. Also, there's no more wasted time reading outdated, static information because info is updated 24/7 and available through the playoffs and Super Bowl. Our site features the industry's first trio of Draft, Trade and Line-up Analyzer fantasy football software products. It's a proven, winning fantasy football tool that was featured on "ESPN Cold Pizza." There's also tons of extra information, such as newsletters, tier rankings and featured articles.

Of course, the reason NFL fantasy football is so popular is the same reason the NFL is the most popular sport in the country. With apologies to baseball, the NFL has become the country's pastime. It's the most watched sport in the country, and based on average attendance, no other sport draws as many people to games. As such, the more people that watch the games, the more people there are playing NFL fantasy football.

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