NFL Predictions are Easy to Make, Hard to Make Correctly

One of the dirty little secrets of pro writers and other NFL football pundits is that making NFL game predictions is easy, but they usually turn out to be as reliable as the guy sitting in the booth next to you at a sports bar.

That's because NFL predictions rely on so many factors. There are injuries, holdouts, players getting old and losing effectiveness, off field incidents and countless other factors. It's nearly impossible to take everything into account.

Take a look at last year's NFL predictions to get an idea of how so many people can be so wrong (not us of course). In the AFC, the Miami Dolphins were predicted by many to challenge for their division. In fact, some NFL predictions had them headed to the Super Bowl. Many experts fell into the trap of looking at last year's results, when the Dolphins went on a winning streak to finish 7-9, and assumed they'd be a little bit better. The NFL predictions were wrong. The Dolphins never made the playoffs.

The NFC South is perfect example of NFL predictions that proved to be terribly wrong also. The New Orleans Saints were predicted by many to finish dead last in their division following last year's 3-13 finish. Instead, the Saints won their division and made the NFC Championship game. Almost no one, save for a few highly optimistic Saints fans, could have predicted that outcome.

The Bucs and the Panthers are two more examples of failed NFL predictions. The Panthers made it to the NFC Championship game in 2005, and with the addition of Keyshawn Johnson, many thought the Panthers would challenge for a spot in the Super Bowl. Instead, they failed to make the playoffs.

The Bucs are a study of how injuries can ruin a season - and NFL predictions. After starting quarterback Chris Simms ruptured his spleen, the Bucs were forced to go with rookie Bruce Gradkowski. The Bucs, who finished 11-5 last season, missed the playoffs and won only four games all season.

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