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fantasy football starters testimonials  fantasy football starters testimonials  fantasy football starters testimonials

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"WR-WR again, as the strategy won me my first championship last year! Thanks Smitty!" -Sean, 8/14/15

"I am very impressed with the amazing tools on the FFS site!" -Jo-Go

“"Terric job." - Flipper

"Love it. Great work." - dunlap13
“All I can say is thank you all for the insight and opinions that has helped lead me to a first and second place in my league” - Jeff 3 year member

“Only play 2 teams and this is my 3rd year as a member, (1) 3rd Place, (2) 2nd Place & (2) 1st Place Finishes! Thanks FFS.” - Idan, 3 year member

“I started the season 1-4 and reeled off 5 straight wins by making careful use of the tools on this site; the lineup analyzer and power rankings were particularly helpful and I got some very good advice on the forums.” - 65 Spy, 2 year Member

"I am so impressed with the product and service! I wish I could recommend you to the rest of the guys in my league, but you're my ace in the hole! Your product guided two teams (mine and my sons') to the playoffs and the kids actually took the whole thing! A 7 and a 10 year old beat a field of 9 other guys ranging from 30-63 years old. Thanks for a GREAT prodcut and we'll see you next year!" - Ryan, 1st year member in 2012

"I absolutely love your service! Worth every penny!"- Ken, 1st year member in 2012

"I joined FFS in 2008 and my wife won that year's Super Bowl. She was Runner up in 2009; I won Championship 2010; Son won Championship 2011; I won Championship 2012. All of us use Fantasy Football Starters and your forum advice to make smart decisions. We could not have done it without you Guys. Thanks again!" - Sam, member since 2008

"Thank you for helping me to win my first championship! I went with your lineup around 90% of the time, and it worked! I started with your company around the third or fourth week. When will I be able to start up with the new season?" - Patrick, 1st year member in 2012

"I've been in the same 3 leagues from 5 to 10 years each. Up until this season I had won 1 championship. This year, with the help of FFS I made the playoffs in all 3 and will be playing for the championship in 2 of them this weekend.(Lost by 1 stinking point in the other) From the draft help to the team analyzer and the weekly updates, the whole system was a huge help this year! You have won a loyal customer and I can't wait for next season." - Matt, 1st year member in 2012

"I just want to say thanks to the entire FFS community for all your help and advice, I was able to win another championship in my fantasy football league... This is my 1st year i will return next year!!!!" - Israel, 1st year member in 2012

"Thanks for a great year! Got to my Super Bowl, lost by 5 points, but took home the point championship for the year. Thanks for all the great info!" - Josh, 1st year member in 2012

"What an amazing way to end the season! I scored 281.65 points and stamped an exclamation point on the season and the Championship!" - Jimmy, 1st year member in 2012

"I want to thank the entire FFS communtiy. This was my first time playing fantasy football ever and I have made it to the championship in my family league. The championship is the sum total of two games and I am going into the second game winning 136.08 to 87.74 and I am feeling confident I am going to take home that trophy (yes there is a real trophy which is freaking awesome!)! I did all this with just access to the forums so I can't wait to see what I can do next year when I buy the complete package :D. This whole community is one of the nicest and helpful I have ever seen! I joined two other forums and I was lucky to get one reply before Sunday! Thanks again FFS you have won a loyal customer in me also!" - Josh, 1st year member in 2012

"Just wanted to thank all the forum members and Fantasy Football Starters. This is the second year using the website and tools and went 12-1 in the regular season and have just won the championship game in my league. I will definitely be back next year!" - Ryan, member since 2011 in 2012

"Made the Championship in ALL 3 leagues and just wanted to say thanks!" - Ken, member since 2010 in 2012

"Champion in 2 leagues! thanks FFS couldnt have done it without you!.....AAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!(thats me screaming in excitement)!!" - Jeremy, member since 2008 in 2012

"I ended up winning by 17 points to take the championship! Thanks to all through the season who helped with responses to posts, and to FFS for providing the tools and insight." - Jim, member since 2008, in 2012

"I won my 10 team league. Actually was able to hold 1st place from week 3 on to the end! Again all the forum discussions along with the tools helped out tremendously. Add in the camaradarie amongst everyone makes this the best site hands down..." (James, member since 2008, in 2012)

"I won 4 out of my 9 leagues I was in last year and finished 2nd in 3 others thanks to the assistance from your site." (Donnie, 2nd year member in 2011)

"Dear FFS, Your Smart Alerts have been super this year.  As always, love your site!" (Bill, 5 year member in 2011)

"I just wanted to tell you thank you for your product.  This is only my second year playing fantasy football and had to sit through tons of trash talking from all the experienced guys in the league during the preseason. However, I have been destroying everyone in my office league, because of FFS. Your draft tool gave me the best possible outcome from the get go. And the weekly power rankings have helped me pick up replacement players each week as needed." (Dennis, 1st Year member 2011)

"At the top of my league. Great customer service. I have been recommending you guys to most of my friends. But not the friends in my leagues!" (Kelly, 3rd year member in 2011)

"I continue to be so impressed with this site and service! I have been telling every football fan I know about it. (well except for the people I'm competing against). I cannot thank you enough for all your help! You have definitely earned my business on a permanent basis!" (Cheryl, 1st Year member 2011)

"Hey, just a quick note to THANK YOU for the SMART alert on Jackie Battle. I am in a very deep sixteen team private league so every little advantage is an asset. I moved to pick up Jackie Battle immediately when I got the note. His 18 points not only secured us a victory but got my team a bonus for high score in Week 6. Well done, FFS!!" (Bobby, 5 year member in 2011)

"Thank you very much for another great year! I had Charles (RB, KC), Britt (WR, TN), and Vick (QB, PHI) with my first three picks and all got injured. But due to your SMART alerts, which kept me aware of everything going on and who to pick up, I won my championship by two points." (Rick, member since 2005 in 2011)

"This is my 3rd year playing fantasy football.  I was 14th to pick in a 14-team league, and thanks to all of your advice, I won the championship!  Some great insights that really helped along the way include:
-Pick & start Beanie Wells
-Draft Rob Gronkowski as a TE1
-Get Antonio Brown off waiver wire
And there were many others.  Thanks again & looking forward to more great seasons!" (Bo, 3rd year member in 2011)

"This is my fourth year playing FF. I am a league manager of a 12 team PPR league I started at my church. I decided to start a new league this season with some old fraternity Bros. That idea turned into two new 12 team PPR leagues. Despite the overload from managing three leagues, I managed to make the playoffs in all 3 and bring home 1 championship. I owe it all to FFS and the guys in the forums. Already looking forward to next season!" (Phil, 4th year member in 2011)

"Thank you FFS! I was able to move from 3-4 in week 7 to finish the season 9-4 with the #1 seed in the playoffs and win the championship. Pickups of Tim Tebow, Victor Cruz and Laurent Robinson saved my season. Only mistake was not using the draft software which I will be doing for every year going forward. Thank you again FFS." (Ken, 1st year member 2011)

"Thank you to everyone at FFS. I really love the tools but to me it's really the forum/chat that I appreciate the most. I'm part of many fantasy football sites but this is the only paid site I am part of and there is one reason, IT'S THE BEST. You are like my internet family and make this site what it is, and I hope for it to continue and thrive." (Michael, 2nd year member in 2011) 

"Just a quick thanks for a great year. Never playing Fantasy Football before I wanted to have extra help with decisions on draft and on game day. Needless to say, with FFS I was successful in winning the championship first time out in a 10 team league. I'll definitely be back next year!" (David, 1st year Member 2011)

FFS Draft= I won a championship
 "Thanks to the FFS staff and forum posters. I was able to win the championship this year (with Tebow as my starting QB in the superbowl) because of a solid draft and keeping an eye to the future. My league rules state that the Waiver Order is based on Record, and resets every week. I had best record pretty much wire to wire and always had the last waiver claim. So I never picked up any of the hot waivers... but my solid draft and vision (thanks FFS) set me up well" (Desert Dawgs- 1st year Member in 2011)

Two Year Champion here! Thanks FFS "It's good to be KING !
Two yrs in a row and I couldn't do it without the help of FFS. Especially the forum talk. Frankly, I get most of my help from there. Good sound advice from people who LIVE IT !! Thats a compliment in our world!" (Anthony- 5 year Member)

"I am in 3 leagues and this year thanks to draft help, line up help (from everyone in the forums), and WW help I won 2 championships and finished 3rd in the other one. Again, thank you to everyone on this great website!!! (Jeff 5 year member)

"Guys, I can't thank you enough for all of the advice this season I finally won the superbowl in my league by a score of 137 to 164. Brady beat Vick, Rice and foster beat S.Jackson and McCoy, Britt(a 12-8-2010 pick-up off of the waiver wire was the decision of the season for me) and Boldin beat R.Wayne and K.Walter. Thanks again for all the help". (Alex- 4year member)

"I owe it all to FFS.Com. Thank you!! This website has paid big dividends since I joined in 2006. The top notch waiver wire and Lineup advice from Russ, Dana, Jeff, Throwball and others was very instrumental in winning it all. To prove the 5 P's (proper preparation prevents poor performace) I will post the team I drafted and in the signature my current roster. Injuries could have did me in this year but I did my homework, asked the right questions and the results speak for them selves. To top it off I beat my opponent who played P.Manning and Vick. See everyone next season. Have a good winter and a Happy New year!!" (V- 4 year member)

"Thanks for all the great advice this year. My first year with this site and def won't be the last. Made it to the championship game in both the leagues I'm in". (Island Grown First year member)

"I caught the injury bug late but Im once again defending my Championship for 800 big ones....Thanks to all the advice from you guys...I couldn't  have been luckier to end up on this site. GREAT STUFF!!! STAY TUNE FOR MY CHAMPUIONSHIP MATCH UP QUESTIONS LOL"!  (DC RAY - 2 year member)

"Whether I win or lose, I will be back!  This is my favorite site for FF advice.  So many of the members are willing to go out on a limb and give advice.  I appreciate a place to bounce ideas around as well as the interesting comments". (Nicole 3 year member)

"I have 2 serious fantasy football teams and my wife has one as well. We purchased the membership a couple years back but didn't use it to its full capability until this season; and thanks to FFS and all of the advice of fellow members all 3 of our teams made the playoffs and my wife and I are ranked 1 and 2 with first round byes. Because of that fact I will remain a member until I can no longer use a computer to play the game we all love!
You guys rock!!!" (Jesse two year Member)

"I am advancing to the championship game in both of my leagues and I believe a lot of the credit goes to those of you in this forum and the many tools that we have access to". (Ron 3 year member)

"I made it into my championship game after a lot of preparation for the draft (i.e. thank you to those who pointed out Arian Foster as a possible sleeper...hope his ankle is okay for week 16) and luck/chance.  By luck I mean winning in week 13 when I had to and the two other teams who were already in the playoffs both losing so that I got a week 14 bye.  Oh yes and also starting the Falcons defense which many of you recommended scored me 21.96 points and if I had started any of my other defenses I would have lost.
This site allowed me to bounce off ideas and sometimes I went with those ideas and other times just played my hunch.  While many times the site messaging board confirmed who I was leaning towards playing were the same players you said you would be starting as well". (James first year member)

"This site greatly helped me make it through this year in both my leagues and all the great help from other members thanks very much fellas!" (Courtney first year member)

"I am hosting one league on NFL.com as well. Personally I thing there projections are way out of sync and have been less than reliable.  I completely ignored them all year and instead took input from the LA at FFS which has proven to be much more accurate". (Hooked 5 year Member)

Playoffs begin just want to wish everyone good luck for the playoff run...and thanks for the help again.....!!...currently in 2nd place in both my leagues. (Frank 4 year Member)

"Won my second championship ring! Again, thanks for all of your help and advice and will see you next year! " Jason- 2nd year member

"Using your site and analysis tools helped my team win the championship of my league" Matt's DD's

"Not only did I make it to the Super Bowl again this year with help from the board, my wife made it too... Yep... playing my wife in the SB... of course what's mine is hers and hers is mine... 1st place thanks again to everyone and Happy Holidays" - Lance 2 year Member

"I won 2 out of 3 leagues this year and I owe it all to this website!! I would have won the third if in wk 14 my opponent had started DeAngelo Williams instead of Mcgahee (rookie mistake that worked out for him..LOL). I lost by 2 points. I had most points in wk15 and would have won the final by 35 points had I made it that far. Can't win them all but I was really close. Again, all due to this FFS". Vito 4 year member

"Finished 2nd, which is vast improvement over the past 2 years. I couldn't have done it without this website. LA and TA are great tools, and you folks on the forum are great. This year I was a benchwarmer member and must say I was impressed with the free services your site provides. Next year, I look forward to becoming a power player next year. Thanks again. Jim 1st year member

"I drafted 4th in a 10 team snake league that allows 2 trades and 5 free agents. So we go 20 rounds. I used the Raw analyzer. My 5 free agents are M.Austin,M.Nugent,H.Nicks,B.Celek,Saints. I want to thank you for the deep draft advice on J.Charles(19th round)and D.Mason(12th round). They have really helped me the past few weeks. I finished in 2nd place(9-5) and now in the championship. It's really been an enjoyable season and I appreciate the helpful/prompt advice" - John 2 year Member

"This is my 5th year playing fantasy football. I've been to the finals one time and been to the playoffs a handful of times in those 5 years, never winning a title. This season, however I joined 3 leagues, and have made the finals in ALL 3 LEAGUES! Some of that credit has to go to you guys for providing an awesome website. I used your tools to size up my teams during mock drafts, then used it during the real drafts and throughout the season for difficult matchups. In one league, I went 11-2 and barely lost those 2 weeks. I almost ran the table! I figure to win at least one of those league championships, so I wanted to pass on a heartfelt thanks and wish you Happy Holidays. I will certainly be using your site again next season". - Corey 1st year member

"FFS has definitely made a difference since I became a member midway through the 2009 season.. Since becoming a member I had 6 wins with only 1 loss.. I consider myself very fortunate, but now I'm facing a team that has a ton of weapons.. My only chance is for that other team to use a lineup that puts his home run players (as per FFS) on the bench and choose a lineup that is less than ideal.. Here's to keeping my fingers crossed.. "Luck is enough to keep a man alive, if only his courage holds up."- Mario 1st year member

"Super Bowl Champs: Beasts win! I also want to thank Russ and his crew for the help. These guys are making fantasy football into an art form. This site is awesome! No way would I be here if it wasn't without their sound advice. Jason 2 year Member

"I did get a bye this year being the number 2 seed and I have to say I would never have been able to do that without this site. You guys are totally awesome and I will definitely be back again next year. I will be going up against my dad next week for third place so I still have something to play for and I wish all of you good luck this last week. Ryan 2 year member

"Thank you for helping me WIN in Yahoo Fantasy Football a CHAMPIONSHIP this year. Your site is awesome" Henry 1st year member

"I won both leagues, won my division in both leagues, won "high point" team for the year in both leagues and WON THE CHAMPIONSHIP in one league for the third year in a row, and won for the first time after three visits to the Championship Game in the other league, third time was the charm :-) ..... your website is my source for checking rosters for who to play each week and any potential trades that may arise during the season, thanks for all you do ....... keep it up, i'll be back!"- Dick 4 year member

"Read your column every week. This is my 2nd year in an online league (I came in 3rd last year) and looks like I will again this year. This was also my 1st year in a draft league and I made it to the finals with your help but lost. Oh well 2nd for my first time not too bad. Was a novice with picking my own team. Thanks and look forward to drafting advice for next year". Mary 1st year member.

"Third year FFL player. I finished last and then second my first two years. This is my first year with FFS and I followed your advice (with only a few exceptions) religiously. You pushed me over the top and I not only won the championship for my league but was over 300 points ahead of the second place member for the year. I will be back next year and every year. I can't say thanks enough to equal the results. Sadly, I can't recommend you to the rest of my league (I'm not crazy)" Thanks- Larry 1st year Member

"JUST WANNA THANKS ALL U GUYS WHO GAVE ME ADVICE THRU THE WEEKS....I KILLED MY OPPONENT!!!" Shane 1st year member "I used all my resources, including all you guys provided to Win it all last weekend! Went from 6th to 1st, Beat the 3rd place team in 3-6 match-up, Beat the 2nd place team in 2-6 match-up, Beat the #1 team in the 1-6 match-up, Most points of all teams! Most trades - ended up with semi-dream team that included Rivers, Chris Johnson, Ocho, DeSean, Bironas and Ray Lewis and Pollard THANKS FOR EQUIPPING ME TO TAKE IT ALL THIS YEAR"- Mark 1st year member

"Thanks for helping me win my league! I'm glad I discovered this site...There is plenty of knowledge to go around here. Thanks again. Now, the chore of getting everyone to pay their dues! Alvin- 1st year Member

"Thanks Fantasy Football Starters for helping me defend my title. My studs came through for me again when I really needed them (Brees, Portis, Gonzalez and even D. Williams) Victory is a sweet thing....I will definitely continue to use this site going forward"...Josh, first year member "Thank You FFS.com you were awesome I was high point total 2 years in a row and won it all I cant thank you enough see you next year".....Rick 2 year member

"Thanks everyone for all the input and advice helping out this rookie fantasy footballer. You guys helped me win the championship this weekend as well as helped me all season long. I love this website and will keep coming back year after year. Once again thanks for a fun and winning season".....FUBAR first year member

"I want to add my thanks too! With both weeks left in my league and no playoff system (standings-based results) I'm 2 games up on the sole contender and I have a 400 pt advantage over him, so I'm assured of 1st place. Thanks to the advice and tools from this site, I've amassed a very good team that has produced: QB: Favre, Thigpen, Hill RB: Forte, LT, Slaton, Pierre Thomas WR: Andre Johnson, Fitzgerald, Steve Smith, Eddie Royal TE: Owen Daniels"... .........................Duke, first year member
"Just wanted to say thanks to the team we have here. I have finally made it to the finals. Thanks Russ and others for the input. With all of the help each and every year I am getting better and starting to understand more and more of what to look for to help me make it the finals. I hope for years to come i am able to help others as they have helped me!".....Lucas 4 year member
Thanks to everyone and especially to Russ and his team. I have already wrapped up the Championship today and still have S Smith to play tonight against the Giants. I'm 6 points up, my opponent has completed play, and Smith and the Panthers are just starting to play. Thanks again"...only1Putt third year member

"Thank you FFS, Russ, Jeff, Dana, Simon! This is my 3rd yr. with you guys, and my 3rd trip to the big dance! Not to mention I joined 2 other leagues and I am in the finals in all 3 leagues. Been playing for 11yrs. and was always middle of the pack till I lucked up on your website! With all the praise you guys get, it is still not enough"...Glenn third year member

"I have been a member of FFS for the past 2 years. Last year I placed 3rd and this year...well I am the 2009 League Champ! Thanks to all that helped on the message boards. I do have to say though, the best thing I got out of FFS was the weekly Fantasy Alerts sent directly to my email. I had a few guys compliment me on my waiver wire pickups. Another said, "You only won because of FFS." I said, "Maybe, but turning the chump change I paid for FFS advice into the slew of money I won right before Christmas was well worth it." Thanks again and have a Merry Christmas (I know I will)!!!! Josh, second year member

"This was the first year using this site and I wanted to say thanks to Russ, Dana, RSGFS.com, and all of the members that helped me on the forums. The tools that you have here are great and I will be back next year for sure"... Philly Phreak, first year member

I have been playing FF for 4 years and before I never made the playoffs with other service I had but with you guys I was high point total last year and won it all and this year high point again. I owe it all too you guys ty all Happy holidays too all.... Rick 3 year member Thanks to all for your assistance so far. I have made it through the first round of the playoffs are I am onto the final four.... Kevin 1st year member


"Well this will make it two straight years you have helped to take me to the playoffs. Last year 1 championship and a 3rd place finish. This year I am in the Championship 1 League and am starting the first week of playoff action this week. Love your sow Russ and wish I would have found this site years ago. Anyway thanks for another great year! My bench would have won against any of the playoff teams. I owe it all too all the blogs and input your service gives me. i was high pts total last year and this year too ran the tables last year and i should do it again this year keep up the outstanding work good luck to all have a happy if possible and profitable new year".....Rick 4 year member

"With your help I was able to sneak into the playoffs and better yet beat my brother this week to make the play offs and get bragging rights for the year. I will definitely be using this website next year, but this time I will sign up before my draft." Thanks Again..Kevin 1st year member

"First Super Bowl after 8yrs! I've used this software for 2yrs and it definitely helps me make the right decisions". Chris, 2 year member
"This was my first year using FFS and low and behold I won a championship this year and made it to the playoffs in my two other leagues. This site is awesome and I will definitely be back next year." Jerry, 2007 Member

Thanks. Definitely will be back. Your service has helped me to the playoffs the last 3 years and I won it all this year!" Jared, 2007 Member

"Won one league and took second in the other. Will be back next year, just sign me up this is the best site around." Gary, 3 year Member

"Just wish to thank everyone who voiced opinions and certainly contributed to my decent season. I won my division" Pat, 2007 Member

"Dear FF Starters - I just wanted to touch base and let you know that you all helped me reach the Super Bowl in BOTH of my leagues". Just an update....I am 2 for 2 in Fantasy Super Bowls this year! I won again last weekend!!!! Thanks for the help! Michelle, 2007 Member

I used your product in 6 of my 11 leagues. I won 2 championships and my winning percentage was 64.3%. Thanks for the good year. Charles, 2007 Member


Gentleman, "We" did it again, this makes a 3peat in winning a league championship!! Thank you for another stellar season, can't wait for next season". Mark, 2007 Member

"Going to the Championship game next week in BOTH LEAGUES - thank you! :-)" Dick, 2007 Member

"This is without question the best site for all around info I've ever used!" Michael, 3 year member 4 Championships!

"Three words - Tier Draft Strategy! Although I wrestled with the PLA projections on a weekly basis, in retrospect, that tool was usually more correct than the tool (me) that entered my line-up weekly. Thank you for such an excellent site for all of us FF nerds/champions!" Iggy, 2 year member

I won the championship game due to all the input from everyone and this site. Big thanks!!!! This was my second year here and will be back for sure. When do we sign up for next year? Thanks again. Gary, League Champ, 2006 Member

Thank you Russ and Fantasy Football Starters.com for helping me take home the championship in only my 2nd year in fantasy football. Thanks a lot!! I'll be purchasing the whole package next year. David, League Champ, 2006 Member

This was my first year with Fantasy Football Starters. I have been playing fantasy football for 8 years now and this has been my best season ever! I am sitting at 11-3-1, finished 1/2 game out of 1st, and I am in the championship game! Glenn, 2006 Member.

I'm in the finals in all three of my leagues! I credit much of it to this Web site. Thanks everyone! Nate, 2006 Member.

I can't say how much I appreciate your assistance. My third place finish followed a last place finish last year. Count me in as a member next year. Your commitment to making this site the best, is obvious and refreshing. Happy New Year to the staff and members of. Rick, 15-1 (league champion, 2005); 11-4 (3rd place) in another

First, I would like to take the time to thank everyone at Fantasy Football Starters. This was my first year playing FF and I was the last place draft pick and made it to the championship game. I can honestly say, couldn't have done it with out you! Shane, 2005 Member

Because of FantasyFootballStarters.com, the Power Line-Up Analyzer and the Forums, one of my teams has won the Championship! Todd, league champ, 2005

This was my first year playing FF and I was in the small money league in my office. Next year I move up to the big money league since I am majorly addicted now! I will be a subscriber next year for sure. Mark, (2nd place finish, 2005)

Hey this is my third fantasy season. I won all three games in my leagues. I'm in two big money leagues. I'm leaving it to the experts. So far so good! Thanks. Arnie, 2005 Member

IF you want to know more about fantasy football stats and how they power up our fantasy football predictions so these happy members win..check it out!

Your system works! The only reason I came to your site is because I saw your name in one of the leagues that we are in and you did better then all the guys in that league. So thank you very much for the help and now I feel confident I can win big money with the help of this site. Brock, 2005 Member

For what it's worth, I don't listen to what the lineup analyzer says all the time. But I wish I had as I've been keeping track of it all season between who I've started each week and what it told me to do, and I'd have won 2 more games and not be worrying about making my playoffs. Thomas, 2005 Member

I can, with confidence, tell all your guys Russ, Jeff, the staff and this site are without question is right a helluva lot more than they are wrong. Listen to them, especially if you're a rookie in fantasy football. Michael, 2006 Member

Thanks Power LineUp Analyzer for the great season, best in my 4years! Rodney, 2006 Member

Just wanted to thank you for getting me through another week. Kudos to the LineUp Analyzer too. It's right on. Vito, 2006 Member

Thanks to this site and all the great help on the forums and Power Line-Up Analyzer! Larry, league champion 2005

After losing McNabb to the sports hernia I relied on the Power Line-Up Analyzer even more to help choose my weekly "guest quarterback". It wasn't perfect, but helped get me enough wins to make it to the playoffs. Thanks for the support and advice. I'm looking forward to the additions you have planned for next year. Scott, league champ, 2005

Overall, the Power Line-Up Analyzer missed a few, but more times than not, it was right on the money!! I will sign up again. Thanks Guys!! -- Todd, league champ, 2005

Followed the analyzer to the letter and I am now up by 47 points going into Monday night. Other guy has Colts TE and DEF. I think I am in good shape. Thanks a lot analyzer!! -- Clarence, 2005 Member

I didn't know who to use as my flex and PLA and the forums said to play Bruce and I did. He saved me cause Stephen Davis did not produce and he made up for those lost points looks like I am going to win again this week and on my way to the playoffs. Thanks again love this tool! -- Rodney, 2005 League Champ

This site is great as you can see I'm 9-2 thanks to the Line-up Analyzer -- Gary, 2005 Member

I've been running "trade analyzer" to see which team/player is better. It's been helping me figure out which player to pick up off waivers and which one to drop. Great tool. -- Omar, 2005 Member

Trade Analyzer is a big help. Thanks for my 3 game win streak and a basic clinch on 1st round in my league being 2 weeks up on 2nd- Al 2005 Member Appreciate the insights and love the Trade Analyzer!! Keep up the good work! -- Mark, 2005 Member

For Trade help I have consulted this site and so far it has been right(80%) more times than it has been wrong(20%). If I did this on my own I might be 6-6(probably worse). This site has saved my season -- David, 2005 Member

Your system works. The only reason I came to your site is because I saw your name in one of the leagues that we are in and you did better then all the guys in that league. So thank you very much for the help and now I feel confident I can win big money with the help of this site. Brock, 2005 Member