by Staff Writer: J.Coruccini

There are a lot of sites that claim to provide you with "free" fantasy football products. While in the past we here at have experimented with giving away parts of our fantasy football software free of charge, for the current season we have discontinued the free fantasy football software model. However, that doesn't mean we don't still provide a ton of fantasy football advice for free. All of our fantasy football articles are free and can be perused by anyone. Reading our fantasy football blog by nationally recognized Russ Bliss and his fantasy football expert advice is free. Registration is free and allows you to post questions and comments on our fantasy football forum. We have forums for Draft, Lineup, and Trade Help, along with General Comments for everything NFL related. Registration also can include, at your option, subscription to our fantasy newsletter, which keeps you up to date on everything we have going on at FFS and anything new we may be rolling out in the future.

Often times, you get what you paid for, and that holds especially true to free fantasy football rankings whether they are for your fantasy draft or weekly lineup recommendations. We have found that over 75% of our customers who use our products frequently attribute their winning to using our premium fantasy football software. But don't take our word on that; read what our actual subscribers say about us.

Some look to see how we compare to our competitors in the free fantasy football software arena and all we can say is that no other football service offers a bundle of fantasy football products that includes fantasy football mock draft capabilities, fantasy football alerts via text or email, fantasy football draft analyzer to help you have the best draft you can, fantasy football lineup analyzer to provide help in making those weekly roster decisions, fantasy football trade analyzer and calculator specifically designed to break down every or free agent pickup you might think of making by breaking down the impact to both your starting lineup projections and overall team roster value, and a fantasy team analyzer that compares your roster and projected starting lineups vs. that of your opponents each week.

Granted there will be times when our predictions will be wrong as no person or system of software programs will ever be right 100% of the time. But we are right more often than not and that's why our returning customer rate is so high. We simply help you win in fantasy football.

Get started winning! Choose a fantasy football software package that suits you now!