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Don't be fooled by imitations elsewhere!! The FIRST ever Trade Analyzer in the Industry, the STARTERS Trade Analyzer is the ONLY one of its kind to measure the impact of a trade or free agent acquisition to both your weekly projected starting lineup and your overall roster value!

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Purchase Now! The first of it's kind in the industry and still considered the ELITE trade tool in fantasy football, our STARTERS Trade Analyzer, helps you determine how potential trades impact your fantasy football team in the two important categories: the impact it would have on your entire fantasy football roster by position, and how the trade will impact your projected starting lineup every week remaining in your NFL fantasy football season. Doesn't matter if you're considering a 1 on 1 trade or if you're trading 3 players for 1. Doesn't matter if the trade involves players from different positions. Our Trade Analyzer is the ONLY fantasy football software tool that breaks it down in both of these two categories! Learn more about our other STARTERS Analyzers including: Draft, Team and Lineup Analyzers.

You're going to want to see the impact to your starters and overall roster value too. That's what will help you determine if you want to make a trade or manage your fantasy football waiver wire for better options. Still not convinced? Check out how we compare to the competition on value and price! Want more infor and an easy "how to use our fantasy football trade analyzer? Its available and make sure you always stay in the know with football trades and player drop add's with our STARTER mobile alerts.

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