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1. How to enter rosters

2. How to get Draft Cheat Sheets WITHOUT a roster

3. How to enter BONUS RANGES for length of TD/FG

4. How to enter BONUS RANGES


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Watch as Russ Bliss, our NFL analyst and 20+ year fantasy veteran, walks you step-by-step through how to get started, setup your rosters and use the Draft Analyzer, Trade Analyzer, Lineup Analyzer and more. 

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WATCH THIS FIRST! - Getting Started
You're brand new to Fantasy Football Starters and you need to know what the first steps are to get started. Russ Bliss explains what to do after you first sign in.
SETTING YOUR SCORING SYSTEM - Customize the Analyzer
You've named a team and are setting your scoring system and it's different from the defaults. Russ Bliss explains how to change the offensive scoring columns to fit your specific league.
DEFENSIVE SCORING SYSTEM - Change Points/Yards Against
Need to change your defensive scoring system from the default? Russ explains how to do this and also enter points against/yards against bonuses that are common in many leagues.
Does your league award extra bonuses for reaching certain yardage totals passing, rushing, or receiving? What about for the length of a FG for Kickers? These are commonly referred to as "Milestone" bonuses and Russ shows you how to enter them into your scoring system manager.
SETTING BONUS POINTS - Length of Touchdowns
Does your league give bonus points for the length of touchdowns passed, rushed, or received? Learn how to enter these bonuses by watching this video clip.
DRAFT ANALYZER - How to Make Cheat Sheets
How to Video for running the STARTERS Draft Analyzer, including how to get cheat sheet rankings and tier rankings for each position, and how to use the Draft Analyzer for an online draft in real time.
Step by step directions for entering your fantasy roster into our system.
LINEUP ANALYZER - See Who to Start
An explanation on how to access and run the STARTERS Fantasy Football Lineup Analyzer so you start the best lineup possible each week.

TRADE ANALYZER - Should You Make that Trade?
How to use the STARTERS Fantasy Football Trade Analyzer to determine if a trade is good for your team or not. Balanced and unbalanced trades are exampled and results explained.

We pride ourselves in building and maintaining the planet's #1 suite of fantasy Analyzer tools to display our NFL fantasy football picks and personalized player rankings. These how-to videos are another way to provide the best fantasy football help in the industry.