Why Should You Join Fantasy Football Starters 2016?


fantasy football starters

So how is STARTERS different from other sites?

fantasy football starters why join

fantasy football starters

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They've got articles, opinions, more articles, blah blah blah.

Talk is cheap. We're about the numbers.

Their articles are written for a mass audience.

Our system ensures you get advice and alerts on your players.

Their information may be out of date within hours.

Our software is updated 24/7 to account for injuries, playing conditions, etc.

Their advice is usually the same no matter what type of league/scoring system you use.

Player rankings can change based on your league rules & scoring system.

Their rankings and lineup recommendations are general and don't take into account different variables (i.e. WR/TE/RB flex, differing scoring systems, etc).

You can set various flex options and different scoring for each position. Pretty much anything to fit your league!

They tout the winning percentage of their "experts."

We tout the winning percentage of YOU, our users!

Okay, but what exactly do I get with a STARTERS membership?

You get the industry's original most sophisticated, most used, most accurate fantasy football software, period! Ours is the only complete software package that includes the trifecta of Draft, Lineup, and Trade Analyzers, custom tailored to your specific league rules to get the winning edge. Why settle for incomplete predictive software that's been hastily thrown together by somebody looking for a quick buck? Our software has been setting the industry standard since 2003. We consistently beat the "experts" at the weekly prediction game, and our software gets more accurate as a season goes along.

fantasy football starters